Wood Burning Stove Repair

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Wood Burning Stove Repair | The Chimney Doctor  - Akron, OH

Wood-burning stoves are a lovely and efficient way to heat a home, an old-fashioned method that many people have rediscovered in the past few decades. There’s nothing like the warmth of a fire to warm one’s bones during chilly Akron, Ohio winters.

Without proper maintenance, however, a wood-burning stove can potentially be the source of a dangerous fire in your home. At The Chimney Doctor, our experienced, helpful wood burning stove repair technicians can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your stove is in proper working condition.

The process generally includes the following steps:

Cleaning—The initial step in wood burning stove repair is to clean it. At The Chimney Doctor, we use safe, effective methods to clean your wood stove. If you have a free-standing unit, this often requires disconnecting the pipes that either lead to the roof or that connect to the masonry chimney. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, can we see where flaws exist. Whether or not there is any damage, you should have your stove clean yearly.

Inspection – We look to see that the body is sound and that the cast iron is not cracked.

Repairs—It is up to you, the customer, how detailed you want your wood burning stove repair to be. If you want it to be completely refurbished, it will involve dismantling the stove and thoroughly sanding and polishing each part. On the other hand, if you simply want your stove to heat more efficiently, the process will be less involved.

Replacement Parts—The Chimney Doctor has the knowledge and supplies necessary to replace any damaged or worn parts for any kind of wood stove in our Akron, Ohio, area.

Finish—We will finish it according to your wishes and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Maintain a safe environment—The Chimney doctor professionals understand the importance of keeping a well-ventilated and dust free area when doing your wood burning stove repair.

You can feel confident that you’ll receive prompt, efficient service from The Chimney Doctor in Akron, Ohio. Call today!