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Chimney Sweep - Spotless Cleaning

Chimney Sweep | The Chimney Doctor  - Akron, OH

A good chimney sweep will do more than clean the dirt, soot and creosote from your chimney. He or she will do inspections, repair damage, and provide expert advice on maintaining your fireplace and chimney system.

By choosing a chimney sweep from The Chimney Doctor, you can be assured that you will be working with someone who has years of experience and training, as well as personal knowledge of the Akron, Ohio, area.

Each chimney sweep at The Chimney Doctor possesses a variety of very useful and important skills.

Practical knowledge—We know chimneys and fireplaces inside and out. Our skilled professionals are experts at using the tools of their trade and are physically capable of completing demanding tasks.

Customer Service Skills—Your chimney sweep from The Chimney Doctor will be polite, nonintrusive, and prompt yet thorough. Our people are trustworthy and honest, the type of people you feel comfortable welcoming into your Akron, Ohio, home.

Careful—We take great pride in leaving our customers’ homes clean and tidy when we leave. We protect the area around your fireplace to prevent soot and ashes from entering the room and are extremely careful to leave no trace behind.

Knowledgeable—Your chimney sweep will be highly trained and capable of using state-of-the-art equipment, such as CCTV cameras and smoke-generating machines to inspect your chimney and discover issues.

Thorough—We won’t leave until the work is finished and you are satisfied. We have many satisfied customers in the Akron, Ohio, area who can attest to our high standards and efficient methods.

Versatile—We are experienced and expert at cleaning and maintaining wood, oil, gas, and coal-fired systems. No matter what your type of heating system, we at The Chimney Doctor will make it safer, cleaner and more efficient.

For unsurpassed service and workmanship in Akron, Ohio, call The Chimney Doctor today!