Chimney Repair

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Chimney Repair - Our Expertise

Chimney Repair  | The Chimney Doctor  - Akron, OH

Regular chimney maintenance and repair of wear and damage is crucial to the safety of your family. At The Chimney Doctor, we do a thorough, detailed inspection and provide outstanding fireplace and chimney repair and maintenance to our customers in the greater Akron, Ohio, area.

You want chimney professionals that you can really trust to come into your home. Our friendly, dependable employees can be relied upon to do exemplary work while keeping your home clean and free of soot and dust.

Visual Inspection —The Chimney Doctor will do a painstaking visual inspection of your entire chimney system, from cap to damper to door, screen and handles. We inspect at every cleaning and recommend an inspection before the purchase of a new home.

Chimney Relining—Make your masonry chimney safer with a new stainless steel lining. This is especially recommended after water or storm damage. Stainless steel chimney lining also prevents the build-up of dangerous flammable creosote and makes chimney repair much easier (and therefore less expensive) in the future.

Flashing Repair—Prevent water from leaking into the base of your chimney by proper maintenance of the flashing at your roofline. The trained professionals at The Chimney Doctor are experts at flashing repair and provide prompt, efficient service to our valued customers.

Crown Repair—The crown on your chimney serves a vital purpose: it keeps everything below dry and protected from the elements. A damaged or deteriorated crown may allow water to get through. This water enters tiny cracks, which may expand due to the temperature extremes experienced in the Akron, Ohio, area. This can potentially cause huge problems.

Waterproofing--We ensure that your chimney is waterproof in order to prevent leaks and damage to bricks from weather exposure. Our waterproofing system is environmentally safe and highly effective.

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